I am Naveen Ramanathan. I am a software engineer with more than 11 years of experience. I was introduced to the world of programming using the logo programming language at school when I was 10.

My first job was at Tata Consultancy Services as a Java Developer. I later co-founded two startups mambomart and appmolecule. Both failed and now I am employed full time at Diet Code.

I have worked in a wide range of programming languages including Go, Swift, Objective C, Qt, QML, JavaScript, PHP and Java.

I mostly work in backend and mobile app development these days. My database expertise includes PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and DynamoDB.

You can contact me at naveen[at]golangbot[dot]com if you need any development work done. I can help you with creating the backend for your applications using Go, reviewing code, writing technical articles for content marketing and also iOS app development.

Twitter: twitter.com/msgtonaveen
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/msgtonaveen