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The Complete Guide to Go Modules

The Complete Guide to Go Modules will help get started with dependency management in Go using Go Modules. Dependency management has come a long way in Go starting from Glide, Dep and finally Go Modules.

Go Modules have become mainstream in Go 1.13 and understanding how Go chooses a particular version of a dependency is critical and every Go Developer should be aware of it.

Are you often seeing the error 'cannot find module for path' and don't understand why it occurs? After reading this book, this error will be a thing of the past.

This book also covers the internals of Go Modules such as how go.mod and go.sum files work, the use of Go Module Proxy, how to use Go Modules when you have a private repo and also hosting your own Go Module Proxy Server.

Chapter List

1. Introduction to Go Modules

2. Publishing Go Modules

3. Go Module Versioning

4. Minimum Version Selection

5. Go Module Internals

6. Go Module Tooling

7. Go Module Proxy and Checksum Database

8. Private Go Modules

9. Working with Local Go Modules

10. Vendoring Go Modules for CI/CD Pipeline

11. Hosting your own Go Modules Proxy Server

12. Migrating from Dep and Glide to Go Modules

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